I got an email from Guenther about a problem with the book. Alaric played a move that is blocked from the book. I cannot repeat the same error and cannot find out in the code how it could happen. One suggestion was that the learning file overrides the book but from what I understand it is not possible. The only situation that a blocked move will be played by Alaric is when all the legal moves are blocked by the book. Then Alaric must play something…

If you find similar problems with the book please let me know. Winboard logs or similar is a big help.

The book version at Alaric’s download page (for Alaric 707) is kind of old so I will update it with the latest book version. Thank you Guenther!

There is a problem with the learning file when I play Alaric vs Alaric. I know the reason but have not fixed it and it can’t have anything to do with the book problem here.

BTW. I am working with the SMP version that should be out before new year smiley