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This blog is describing the development of Alaric.

Time to release a new version

blog Posted on %PM, March 27 2007 22:18:17

The new version will be out in a day or so.
The version is 703. I used to have an extra zero in the version name like 0703. From now on I will remove that. 703 means 2007 mars…

I think that my new reduction functions will pay off in strength.
I hope that the tournyes out there will confirm this smiley

A new book learning scheme is developend but it is turned off in this version.
I will test it out better before releasing it.
Future versions will have more extensions, especially will I try to detect patterns for king attacks and maybe other types of attacks and threats.

My sparring partners these days are:
Ruffian 1.01
WildCat 7
The Baron

They represent a good variety of playing styles. Thank you Lars!

I check out my changes against them and will not update their version numbers even if they are upgraded. I need a stable test bench!

Maybe one day I even dare to include Glaurung in the future but that engine is still to strong for me and will maybe be forever…

Dann created a new book for Alaric with some secret weapons included. smiley

Winboard protocol

blog Posted on %PM, March 27 2007 21:59:20

The winboard protocol and the uci protocol does not work good together.

I have found it much more easy to extend from the uci to the winboard protocol than
extending from winboard to uci. I did the latter in Terra.

I have now support for most of the winboard functions available, including Analyze, st and sd that was not supported in version 0702b.

Anyway I find the uci version more convenient to work with.